Advanced Composite Engineering Processes

Jan Composites deploy various open and closed mould technologies for composite manufacturing and can advise suitability depending on product or customer applications.

The production processes used at Jans Composites include: -

  • Chopper spray-up

  • Hand Lamination

  • Light Resin Transfer Moulding (LRTM)

  • Silicone Bag Moulding

  • Structural Infusion


Due to the range of processes and industries Jans Composites supply to, we utilise a range of materials to develop tit-for-purpose components and assemblies. These include fully-engineered resin systems to meet FST, environmental and structural properties dependant on application.

Providing the possibility of gel tint, colour matching capabilities are boundless for Jans Composites. This also includes a range of surface finishes on both A and B faces,