COVID-19 Statement

Together Working Safely

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Jans Composites Ltd has continued to monitor the pandemic from the outset. We are aware however of the need to be responsible in how we respond to this virus, particularly in relation to how we conduct our daily business. We have taken practical steps and implemented robust measures to ensure the health of our employees, sub-contractors, and visitors. We have followed and continue to follow the latest government and public health guidance and seek to respond appropriately.

Employees’ health, safety and wellbeing during a global health emergency like COVID-19 is paramount.  Jans Composites Ltd recognises its statutory duty of care to provide a safe place of work. We also have a moral obligation to ensure that employees feel safe and secure in their employment.

Our COVID-19 Policy has been introduced to ensure that all risks are suitably assessed, and that sensible and appropriate control measures are implemented. 

COVID-19 risk assessments of all our work activities have been completed along with fully documented COVID-19 specific work procedures which have been communicated to all employees. These procedures will be kept under permanent review throughout the duration of the pandemic and where necessary amended to take account of the very latest government guidance and advice. 

To ensure Jans Composites remains COVID-secure, some of the measures we have implemented include:

  1. Information, training and support

On returning from furlough leave, all employees receive a comprehensive COVID-19 training session providing them with detailed information and instruction in the control measures and restrictions in place to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of the virus. 

The company has a stringent COVID-19 reporting procedure for anyone displaying symptoms and strict protocols have been put in place.

We are aware of how changes in working arrangements may cause additional work-related stress can affect employee’s mental health and wellbeing. Advice, guidance and support during the COVID-19 pandemic will be made available to all employees as required. 

Regular COVID-19 updates and communications with employees will be carried out by means of toolbox talks, management briefings and through informal discussions. 

2.  Increased hygiene practices

The company has an enhanced cleaning regime in place with particular attention given to frequently touched surfaces and communal areas, including company vehicles and work equipment. 

Employees are required to wash and sanitise their hands before entering and leaving the premises and at regular intervals throughout the day. 

3.  Social distancing

Appropriate social distancing measures have been implemented in all areas of the factory. Demarcation of floors and signage have been displayed to indicate mandatory requirements.

In areas where social distancing is not possible, additional safety precautions, such as the provision of PPE and training have been provided.

4.  Visitors and sub-contractors 

Only essential visitors and sub-contractors are permitted to enter the site, contact via remote connection is encouraged where possible. Access to the site is only gained by a pre-arranged appointment or by contacting reception.

A protective screen has been erected at the reception desk for the protection of our staff. All visitors to the site are expected to follow the company’s COVID-19 procedures and complete a pre-entry COVID-19 questionnaire.

5.  Monitoring of compliance 

Regular inspections are carried out in the workplace to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Policy. Documented temperature screening is conducted on a daily basis with employees. Any corrective actions are highlighted and addressed by the person(s) responsible.


Further details regarding the company’s COVID-19 risk assessments and its associated policies and procedures are available on request to genuine interested parties.

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